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23rd February 2024

Today my new music equipment has arrived.  A Devine headphone and a piano chair.

Also some new binders to file my music sheets have been ordered and arrived now.

25th February 2024

Today I'm very proud and honored that I am selected to sing in the comic musical 'Curieus'. The event will take place in the Cultural Theater De Mol in Lier between 23th and 26th May 2024.

2nd March 2024

Today I was lucky to have the help of my brother to install my new piano.  I tried it immediately and it's beyond my expectations.  This machine, in my eyes, is something between a piano and a stunning synthesizer.  Many buttons and things to find out but now focus on the real stuff.  My mission now : Start to train as much as possible on this amazing instrument !

8th March 2024

To cover my precious instrument I bought me these cover sheets to protect it from dust and to keep it clean. As you can see also a pocket for the headphone is foreseen. Beautiful and elegant !

2nd April 2024

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-23 om 00.44_ed

A new instrument has been added to my collection.  May I present you my brand new white clarinet.  I'm looking forward to play with it and to enjoy people with this amazing instrument.

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