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The Story



     I Love Music

Just like many kids and even from the very beginning I was passionated by music. I was fascinated by the way songs were written and composed. Just like some of my (former) family members I breath music. Music is My Life and my Love for Music and related activities like dance and entertainment is unlimited.


Marco Poco Loco

This Belgian song writer started his career at the age of 25 and wrote about 100 songs during the last decades. He finished the song writing course at the well-known Laudius Academy in 2015. He can write different styles of songs but mainly his interest goes to popular dance. Experienced in cooperating with professional musicians, composers and vocalists. Currently he's following a singing course at the Academy of Lier and he studies piano at the Academy of Boom.


His popular songs

Popular songs written by Marco Poco Loco are 'Like A Yo-Yo', 'Never Say Never', 'Colour The World'. These songs were written in the 90s with that typical concept of female vocals combined with rap parts. Later on, a very popular kids song called 'Mickey Mouse Is In The House' was released. Some Dutch songs have also been written like 'De Oom van Boom' (The Uncle Of Boom) and 'Ik kan rekenen' (I can count) where kids are told how to count in French.


Music is Passion

Music eliminates any barrier. No matter your race or the colour of your face. Whether you are black or white, straight or gay, music makes your day. Whether you come from North or South, whether you whisper or shout. Music is the Key to set yourself Free. Enjoy Music with all of your Heart. 'People of Tomorrow, enjoy your life Today'. (this is my quote related to music)


New Songs

Marco has written the songs 'People of Tomorrow', 'Everybody Ubuntu' and the Dutch song 'Vrienden heb je nooit te veel' (You Never Have Enough Friends). Most recently also the surrealistic song 'Dancing On Top Of The Roof' was added to the list. As you can see, his hunger for more and his creativity seems to be unstoppable.


Kids are our Future

Kids will always have a special place in my heart. It is a great honor for me to make interactive animation with children. They are honest and thankful when you teach them a song or some (simple) dance steps. The appreciation works in both directions. I admire their eager in cooperating and learning new things and they like my attitude, patience and empathy in working with them. Keep supporting our kids as they are our Future. (This is my quote related to this theme)

The Aim of The Game


At this moment we are searching for people to cooperate in our project.

Make a strong production team with the right professionals. Any kind of related artist can contact us for joining our team. We think about musicians, composers, vocalists, dancers, choreographers etc... I know my abilities and my weaknesses in this 'Game'. Once the right people found, we can start to 'Play'.

Just because 'We Can't Stop The Music...' and 'The Beat Must Go On...'. Are you prepared to take part in this adventure ? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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